Window Washer and the Huge Hotel
Window Washer and the Huge Hotel — Vimlark
A game about window washing at a HUGE hotel. The player must use their glider to clean as many windows as they can to get a high score within the time limit.
Highrise Hop
Highrise Hop — PolyMars
Climb an endless skyscraper!

You're a frog on a mission in Highrise Hop, a game made in 10 hours for KaJam.
BrockAndTheGlock — ButWhyLevin
Use your comedically large Glock (tm) to blast yourself around in a speedrunning platformer built in pygame!
This is Huege!
This is Huege! — Ourcade
Score points by matching the color of your catcher with the falling colored orbs. Catch bigger orbs for more points but watch out for the time limit!
Livestream_platformer — TechWithTim
A buggy platformer game made with python and pygame during a 10 hour coding livestream! I ran out of time to complete the game but in the future all of the bugs will be fixed, collision will handled properly and many other features including enemies, springs and longer levels will be added.